The Black Rock Chronicle – Everest Region, Nepal

September 16th, 2008  ·  posted in Videos by Greg

The travelers embark on a “breathtaking” journey from Kathmandu, through Lukla to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.  This journey took 14 days (10 ascending, 4 descending), 8 weeks of planning and training, and reached an elevation of 18,484 ft (5,550 m). It was one of the nicest countries we have visited yet. Thanks to Deepak Lama and everyone at Wilderness Experience for an amazing and friendly trek!

Stay tuned for a short clip of our outtakes coming soon!

A Midwinter’s Daydream – Bran, Romania

September 15th, 2008  ·  posted in Videos by Greg

An empty winter day takes our travelers out of their lonely habitat and into Bran, Romania. The sights of this wonderful, small village include Castel Bran (Dracula’s Castle), an amazing hilltop view, and strange haircuts.  Bran is just a short 20 minute bus ride from Gara II in the amazing medieval city of Brasov, where our heroes were once knighted as members of the Order of the Transylvanian Knights.  Thanks to Nicholae with The Company of Mysterious Journeys for his help in organizing our visit!