Every Day is Unique

July 29th, 2010  ·  posted in Photography,Travel by Greg

The past few days I was lucky enough to have some free time and decided to use it to travel to a place that I’ve never been to: Moab, Utah.  I had heard lots of things about Moab throughout the years, but never had the chance to see it myself.  The opportunity presented itself over the weekend, and last-minute I headed out with my girlfriend to explore this beautiful area.

sunset sunflower The first magical moment on the trip happened when we were getting close to Moab just as the sun started to set.  We had to stop the car on the side of the road and snapped a few pictures of the sunset in the clouds.  We also happened to find some sunflowers out in the desert and included them in some of the pictures as well. After about 30 minutes watching the sunset unfold before our eyes, we finally dragged ourselves away and continued down I-70 on our way.

Moab in July is ridiculously hot.  I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity so I decided to be strategic about how I went about seeing the area.  Every day started early – we were up and going by 6am – so we could get out and enjoy things before the day heated up too much by noon.  Then the afternoons we spent our time at swimming holes, enjoying some cool water during the intense heat.

flips at arches The area was incredibly beautiful and there was so much to do we filled our days as much as we could.  There was, however, a specific event that inspired me and is what I will forever remember about this trip.

Around 3pm we were out hiking through some of the canyons in the area (along some water) and we heard a storm approaching.  Usually there won’t be much rain and the storms will pass quickly, but we decided to head back toward our car anyways.  A short while later we started to feel the first drops, then it really started to come down.  We found a small covered area along the side of the cliff to hide under while the worst of the storm passed, and while we were waiting we started to see the magic that a rainstorm in a dry climate can bring.

As the rain fell, we started to see steam rising off of the cliffs all around us, caused by the intense heat of the rocks and the cool water hitting them.  Shortly thereafter we started to see the first waterfalls forming as the water ran off of the cliffs and headed down towards the creek we were hiking along.  When the storm started to lighten a bit, we made a break for the car, not knowing that there was still much more magic to come.

canyon waterfall After arriving back at our campsite, we heard some commotion over near the dry creek bed.  When we went over to check it out, we saw the creek start flowing right before our eyes.  Then we headed upstream to check out our campsite, and we saw an amazing waterfall up at the far end of the canyon.  I ran back to grab my camera and still caught the waterfall before the water stopped running.  I can’t say for certainty, but my guess is each of the two waterfall sections was around 200 feet. An impressive waterfall that was gone almost as quickly as it came.  And just as the evening was winding down – and the sun was setting – we thought “Wouldn’t a rainbow be perfect?”  And somehow it just magically appeared!

The whole trip was a great reminder to me that every day is unique and special.  Each and every single moment we are alive is a completely unique, and we should cherish every day and every passing moment.  Magic happens around us every day, it’s just up to us to open our eyes and see the beauty.

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  1. There’s a wealth of information here. I’ll be back again.

    Comment by John Smith — August 27, 2010 @ 9:36 am

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