Make it Happen

September 7th, 2010  ·  posted in Blog by Greg

do something

Today I happened upon a TED talk today by Derek Sivers about Keeping Your Goals to Yourself.  He gives an interesting perspective on goal setting and telling others about your goals.  It is a short video and worth the 3 minutes to watch:

Derek Sivers – Keeping Your Goals to Yourself

But it brought about some interesting thoughts about getting up and doing something – working towards your goals.  If you stay where you are, you’ll continue to remain the same exact distance from your goals.  But, if you decide to do something – even a little something – you are that much closer to realizing what you have set out to do. read more »

Every Day is Unique

July 29th, 2010  ·  posted in Photography,Travel by Greg

The past few days I was lucky enough to have some free time and decided to use it to travel to a place that I’ve never been to: Moab, Utah.  I had heard lots of things about Moab throughout the years, but never had the chance to see it myself.  The opportunity presented itself over the weekend, and last-minute I headed out with my girlfriend to explore this beautiful area.

sunset sunflower The first magical moment on the trip happened when we were getting close to Moab just as the sun started to set.  We had to stop the car on the side of the road and snapped a few pictures of the sunset in the clouds.  We also happened to find some sunflowers out in the desert and included them in some of the pictures as well. After about 30 minutes watching the sunset unfold before our eyes, we finally dragged ourselves away and continued down I-70 on our way. read more »

Alternative Travel

July 18th, 2010  ·  posted in Blog by Greg

As many of you know, I am a big fan of traveling, not touring.  Touring to me is just seeing a country and culture at a skin-deep level, leaving much of the beauty and intrigue of a different culture unnoticed.  Traveling, on the other hand, takes you deeper into the culture itself, providing opportunities for learning, inspiration, connection, and growth. read more »

Meditation in Real Terms

June 16th, 2010  ·  posted in Development by Yuval

Let’s get real: just because you started meditating does not mean that you will instantly be enlightened.  Nor does it mean that you will perfect this instrument overnight.  What it means is that you have started using a tool – one that you have to train to know how to use – and in order for this tool to be useful you must keep it sharp – continually practice and improve.  With time you will see the results of your efforts.

pacific city

Meditation is not limited to or by a physical condition – laying, sitting, standing, running, swimming, form/kata training – but it is harder to focus and work your way through the meditative process when you have distractions and/or stimulus. read more »

The Meditative Process

June 11th, 2010  ·  posted in Development by Yuval

This is the third part in a series on meditation.  Yuval is a long-time practitioner of meditation as well as the owner of

human mind The goal of meditation is to control your thoughts by clearing your mind, or to reach what we call the meditative state of mind.  There are many ways of obtaining this state of mind, but all of the methods have one thing in common: attaining a single mind.

The human mind is a “highway” of thoughts and emotions, whether it is thoughts about the future, past or present.  It may be worries, thoughts of calmness – any type of good or bad thoughts.  However the thoughts materialize, they drift and change often. read more »

Meditation as a Tool

June 8th, 2010  ·  posted in Development by Yuval

This is part of a series of posts on Meditation. Yuval is the owner of

Meditation is and should be part of the set of tools that we have to deal with issues that arise in our everyday lives.  The intention behind perfecting this tool is to give us an instrument with which we can free ourselves from our mind’s control over us.

The mind is an interesting phenomenon which – left alone – can have a huge affect on the way we feel and perceive life.  Fortunately, we have a tool – meditation – that we can use to actually stop allowing our mind to “dictate” our mental situation by “harassing” us with thoughts.

Let’s try understanding, to some extent, the power which our mind possess over us through examining the following situation… read more »


June 4th, 2010  ·  posted in Development by Greg

meditation As Roadless Travelers, we choose to step outside of our comfort zones and reach for our dreams.  But this does not come without consequence: there will be trials and hardships along the way.  In the words of fellow Roadless Traveler, RoK:

“May all of our paths be long and hard; these are the only ones worth taking.” ~RoK

Dealing with the challenges and hardships that come along with traveling towards your dreams can be a daunting task.  Fortunately we have a tool – meditation – to help calm our mind and reign in our thoughts. read more »