Put good in, get good out

May 12th, 2010  ·  posted in Blog by Greg

Yesterday I had a discussion with a friend of mine, and fellow Roadless Traveler, Chuck. We were catching up and then got into a discussion about happiness and how to live your life. Although the conversation covered a number of different topics, it inspired me to write about one thing in particular: the idea of “Put good in, get good out.”

I heard this phrase – “Put good in, get good out” – used on a commercial a few times, but it really struck me as something that I wanted to incorporate into my own life.  I think it really defines read more »

Redefining the RoadlessTravelers

April 28th, 2010  ·  posted in News by Greg

When this website was born, our original goal was to create a place where people could share their stories of traveling.  After RoK and myself landed back here in the U.S. our international traveling slowed down and our lives seemed to be much less unique than they used to.

Fortunately this was just an illusion.  You see, to me the RoadlessTravelers are all about taking the path which brings us happiness.  Since every person in the world has a different path to happiness, in essence each of us who is walking our path will be on the road less traveled.  Thus, they too can join us in the ranks of the RoadlessTravelers.

I’m sure it will take some time before we hit full stride with this website, but I think all of the tests and trials we have been through have provided us with some useful knowledge on happiness. Our goal is to share that knowledge and give others the chance to come along as we explore the different things that we have learned as we’ve walked our paths.

In essence, this website is dedicated to passing along the knowledge that we’ve acquired along the way.  Our hope is that somewhere along the way, each one of our readers can find the inspiration they need to take steps towards happiness.

Aquatic Traveling – Krabi Region, Thailand

January 15th, 2009  ·  posted in Videos by Greg

The lust for new adventures pulled the Travelers to the Krabi region in southern Thailand.  Come along as they make their way to Maya Bay near the island of Ko Phi Phi, and then swim with the fish in the depths of the ocean off of the island of Ko Tao. If you are interested in getting PADI diving training, contact Soren with the Scandanavian Dive Team.

Captured on Film

October 9th, 2008  ·  posted in Blog,Photography by Greg

After weeks of anticipation, the photos from our trek have finally been uploaded. Seeing as we took over 1,000 pictures, they are still in abbreviated form, but they will give you a good taste of what the trip was like. Check out all the pictures and then watch the video (titled “The Black Rock Chronicle”) and you’ll feel like you were there – all except being short of breath that is.

All pictures were taken with a Nikon D-70, which unfortunately had to be repaired after the trip. I guess the extreme conditions took their toll on my camera as well as my lungs.

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To check out more pictures from the trip, click here.

The Black Rock Chronicle – Everest Region, Nepal

September 16th, 2008  ·  posted in Videos by Greg

The travelers embark on a “breathtaking” journey from Kathmandu, through Lukla to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.  This journey took 14 days (10 ascending, 4 descending), 8 weeks of planning and training, and reached an elevation of 18,484 ft (5,550 m). It was one of the nicest countries we have visited yet. Thanks to Deepak Lama and everyone at Wilderness Experience for an amazing and friendly trek!

Stay tuned for a short clip of our outtakes coming soon!

A Midwinter’s Daydream – Bran, Romania

September 15th, 2008  ·  posted in Videos by Greg

An empty winter day takes our travelers out of their lonely habitat and into Bran, Romania. The sights of this wonderful, small village include Castel Bran (Dracula’s Castle), an amazing hilltop view, and strange haircuts.  Bran is just a short 20 minute bus ride from Gara II in the amazing medieval city of Brasov, where our heroes were once knighted as members of the Order of the Transylvanian Knights.  Thanks to Nicholae with The Company of Mysterious Journeys for his help in organizing our visit!

Tipova Canyon Monastery & Waterfalls

April 29th, 2008  ·  posted in Videos by Greg

This hike was the perfect opportunity for RoK and Greg to make the first sketch video for this site. Located on the Nistru River in the Rezina region Ţipova, Moldova has both natural and historical attractions, with 5 waterfalls as well as canyon formations that reveal an ancient coral reef remains – and plenty of light climbing opportunities. It was a full day event (from the capital Chişinău) including the 3-hour round-trip transport and the 11km hike.

Along the trip we also visited an ancient rock monastery located on the Nistru river, and secluded pasture that’s considered an archaeological site since it has been continuously inhabited for thousands of years.

If you are interested in going on this trip, contact Leonid Roshka with www.explore-moldova.com for his help organizing and leading the trip.